Thursday, August 2, 2012

WalkerBoysStudio Unity Exam 1 and other news.

I just finished watching the first 60 Unity 3D tutorials from WBS. They did an excellent job introducing all of the basic interface and functions in Unity. Later today, (after I sleep, I suppose) I will take the first exam, and try to plow through the material for Exam 2 as well... I can't wait to try their game tutorials!

I am simultaneously following Ryan Creighton's intro to Unity book: Unity 3D Game Development by Example. I completed the first four chapters now, and made a simple version of keep up, with nothing more than a camera, a sphere, and a very flattened cube with a short script attached to it. The original version of the game in the text did not work as well as I had expected on my laptop; the movement of the paddle seemed limited and restricted to a small area. Also, I could not figure out why there was a need to move the paddle along the z-axis. For these reasons, I made a few modifications on a separate script to make the game simpler and more responsive.

For some unknown reason, after I did this the paddle decided to turn into a crazy pinwheel, propelling the ball in a random direction if I so much as breathed on my mouse! (0_o) I wound up rewriting my modified script a second time from a copy of the original. Now I have a simple keep up game in 2D with a paddle that (for the time being is on Ritalin and) responds naturally to mouse movements across the whole screen. Joy!

Both Unity 3D resources are now directing me towards basic scripting (the real skills I need to develop). Wish me luck!


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